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Taking In The Sights And Sounds Of The Beautiful Desert Southwest

Vacationers wishing to experience a unique and inviting vacation destination are turning to Arizona more than ever before as the perfect option. With that said, taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful desert Southwest can be as simple as working with the right property management group. While there are many such companies located throughout the valley, there is one in particular that has earned the respect of discerning travelers over the years. Arizona Lodging Experts is a trusted name in Arizona accommodations.

Guidance And Assistance Of A Professional Property Manager

As more and more travelers turn to Arizona as an affordable vacation alternative that is simply beyond compare, they are requiring the guidance and assistance of a professional property manager in the area. Arizona Lodging Experts is unique in that it has licensed realtors on staff and can help guide travelers in making the best possible choices with regard to a furnished vacation rental. More travelers than ever before are choosing the furnished vacation rental option as opposed to a traditional hotel experience.

Far Exceeds Anything That A Modern Hotel Could Possibly Make Available

This is a smart and affordable alternative to the less informal and less personal hotel accommodations that are typically available today. A luxury furnished vacation rental that is privately owned and privately managed provides for a vacation experience that far exceeds anything that a modern hotel could possibly make available. Best of all, furnished vacation rentals in Arizona typically offer a fully stocked kitchen, linens, a covered garage and a host of other unique features such as pools, Jacuzzis and other amenities.

An Impressive Team Of Reservation Agents

To sum it all up, luxury furnished vacation rentals can change the entire dynamics of any vacation experience. Whether it is a family traveling with children or a corporate group traveling for business, one thing is certain and that is that luxury vacation homes for rent in Arizona are a logical and smart alternative to hotels. Arizona Lodging Experts features an impressive team of reservation agents that work diligently to ensure that travelers achieve their vacation goals and objectives. Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable customer service specialists answer questions and arrange reservations in a fast and efficient way. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about a delightful vacation alternative in beautiful Arizona.

Great cities often have great parks.

There is New York’s Central Park. Atlanta has Piedmont Park, and Chicago has Lincoln Park.

Well, although Tucson may not seem quite as big as those larger towns, it is a great city, and it certainly has it’s very own great Park!

While Tucson definitely has many neighborhood spots of green and places for children to play or folks to walk their dog, there is one place that would, by most Tucsonans, unarguably be considered ‘The Park’ in Tucson; Reid Park.

Reid Park is named for the city of Tucson’s first Parks and Recreation director, Gene C. Reid. It is fairly substantial in size, with a total of 480 acres comprising the grounds and facilities; including the 17 acre Reid Park Zoo.


As a Tucson native I have many, many, wonderful memories of Reid Park. I spent countless hours here as a child and young adult, visiting for field trips, birthday parties, lazy Sunday afternoons, and swimming lessons. Reid Park has flourished as an important urban center that really keeps involved with Tucson’s citizens and visitors by offering something for everyone!

Some of the Facilities at Reid Park include:

* High Corbett Field

* DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center

* Reid Park Zoo

* The Rose Garden

* The Lake and Barnum Hill Waterfall

* The Tennis Facility

* The Randolph Golf Complex

* The Horseshoe Pitch

* The Aquatic Center

* The Dog Park

* The Playgrounds

* The bike and jogging track

As you can see, that is a fairly long list of attractions.

I probably have a story for all of them, and not enough time to tell each one (unless you feel like buying me a drink when you see me next).

Right now, I will share just a few.

One of my earliest memories of Reid Park is from a school field trip. We were going to visit the Zoo. The first thing I remember from that trip is the modern art sculpture that greets you as you turn into the park via Randolph Parkway. It is a giant, silvery thing that looks like a series of doors, with the final door open and framing the park in it’s gap. Now, I was only a child when I first saw this sculpture, but even then I think I grasped part of what the artist was trying to convey. The impression one gets is that there is a whole world behind the door, ready to be explored and enjoyed; sort of an Alice in Wonderland invitation to walking past the threshold. I certainly was excited to embark upon my own expedition as they let us off the bus.


I was not disappointed.

The second thing I remember is what I will simply call ‘The Turtles’. Oh! The Turtles! To my six year old self, the turtles were a magical wonder! What are they exactly? They are a group of four cement turtle sculptures that sit just off of the playground. They are about 3ft high and 5ft long, and to me as a child they seemed huge! You could climb on top of them and take an imaginary cruise on their back, or you could climb under them for shade, and create a turtle fort. You could lay claim to all four and be queen of the turtles or you could have friends who all owned the most amazing turtle pets!

Painted in bright colors and sporting smiling faces these artistic, climbable, slowpokes were, and still are, one of my favorite things at Reid Park.

Of course, having a chance to see the terrestrial beasts come to life at the Zoo was an even more amazing experience.

Reid Park Zoo is really a joy to visit. It contains over 500 animals; including giant tortoises. It also has a brand new Elephant exhibit. The elephants have been there for a while but their current habitat is part of a huge renovation to the park and is called Tanzania Expedition.

images-1    images-3

Another thing that is great about the park is the water features – Reid Park’s two lakes and the waterfall and creek that connects them together.

There is a large hill at the park named Barnum Hill. This hill basically separates the lake from the pond and has a waterfall system that acts as a giant pump and filter for the two of them.


You used to be able to rent paddle boats for the pond and paddle out to bird island, which you can no longer do; but there are still plenty of ducks and geese that love to be fed with your old bread crumbs and other tasty tid-bits.

Which brings me to my next story about Reid Park. I am letting you know, the names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

I had a friend named Penny, who really wanted a dog when we were younger. Instead, her parents bought her a gosling. I am not sure how a goose equated to an easier time than a dog, but I suspect that was the thinking. When Penny received the gosling it was cute enough, fluffy enough, and novel enough to be even better than a dog. She named it Sunny. Sunny was a real sweet heart; until he grew up. Once this bird had reached adulthood, it was not so pleasant. I have clear memories of running from the thing as it chased us around the backyard, honking and shrieking, and generally creating an air of menace. Have you ever been bit by a goose? It’s actually rather hard and can smart quite a bit. Finally, after many attempts to work around Sunny’s not-so-sunny disposition, Penny’s parents decided he had to go. It was either that or simply leave the backyard to waste away as an in-enterable  territory ruled by the dark lord of feathered fiends.


For some reason, animal control would not take him. So drastic measures were planned. Sunny would be released into the wild, to assimilate with other geese, meet a goose wife, and raise little geese babies that would proudly carry on the family values of terrorizing small children. You see, though, in Tucson, the wild is the desert, and there are not many places where a goose can meet a decent goose girl and make a decent goose living. If the plan of relocation were to work we needed three things:



Other Geese

Enter, you guessed it, Reid Park. Reid Park had plenty of geese already calling it home. Surely, given the limited options, Sunny could integrate himself with the local citizenry and possibly impress the father of a lovely goose maiden. Sunny’s future seemed, well, sunny. Could you release a goose into the park? I’m pretty sure it was an option that would be frowned upon. Never the less, the adults in our lives wielded their power to make a desperate decision and the plan was made.

We left at sunset. The plan was to leave at twilight but Sunny was a wily and worthy opponent; it took four of us to get him into a cage and loaded into the car. He knew something was up and in his cunning he managed to knock us over several times and repeatedly slip right through our barrel holds. Finally though, we had him. At first, as we slowly pulled from the driveway, the honking was unbearable. I thought, this will never work, Penny’s parents are madmen, I shouldn’t be spending the night at these people’s house! Then, as if entranced by the motion of the car, Sunny did something I never saw him do before, he relaxed. Sitting there, in his cage, looking peaceful and quiet I remembered all the good times, from when he was fluffy and you could hold him without fear of loosing a finger. I almost felt like convincing my parents to let us adopt him. Then as the car braked somewhat hard, he snapped back into crazy mode and unbeknownst to him ruined any chance of remaining in a domestic paradise. No, I thought, that nutty bird has got to go.

We pulled up to Reid Park with very little light left in the sky. You could see a dim ribbon of moonshine across the lake’s surface. There was a soft wind and the gentle noises of the night – birds, lapping water, the ducks and geese of the park were walking lazily or lying about enjoying the cooling weather.

Sunny will never make it here, I thought gravely, it is a peaceful country, and he is like a raiding marauder. If anything, he will violently capture his bride, inciting the desire for revenge on the part of Reid Park’s Geese and live apart from them forever; on the wrong side of the hill.

It was a time I was happy to be a kid, and not have the fate of so many resting on my shoulders. The adults had resolved their course and now they would stick to it. We children were just along for the ride.

Penny’s father actually wore Camouflage. I am not kidding. He wore camouflage and a somber face. He handled the cage with the delicacy required of an armed bomb, which in a way, it was. I saw Sunny’s black eyes through the bars, shining wetly as he gazed around.

We were all speaking in whispers and there was a strange sense of anticipation and loss. Really, we all hated that goose, but somewhere inside I know we all felt guilty. What were we doing? We were about to do something possibly illegal, maybe bad for the ecosystem, and a duty to care for an animal you took in, was being shirked.  Emotions were oscillating back and forth and hesitation was building a tension so thick it seemed more like High Noon than early evening.

I did the only thing I thought there was to be done. I said goodbye to Sunny and waited in the car.

Penny and I sat there with her mom, watching as a grown man dressed for war crawled on his knees and elbows as close to the park’s native geese as he could get, and softly, ever so softly, removed the latch and ushered Sunny into a new dawn.


As soon as he was out Penny’s father stood up and walked as briskly and furtively as he could back to the car. We sat there for a while, all of us, with our faces pressed to the windows, watching to see what would happen.

Sunny walked around, he seemed a little lost and alone. I was starting to tear up. Then, one of the other guess came to investigate him. I am not an expert on goose etiquette, but it seemed to go well. There was some noisemaking, there was some movement, and then they both began waddling towards the other geese. There did not appear to be any ill will in the exchange. However I will never know exactly what happened because we were already rolling out the park’s parking lot and into the lights of the city.

We talked for a while about how this was for the best. Well, the adults talked about it a lot, letting us know over and over, and that we should not be sad. Looking back they were probably talking a lot more to themselves in an attempt to rationalize the whole endeavor. Covert Operations can be traumatizing.

For many years after that evening, when I went to the park I would look for Sunny. It was more difficult than it would seem, to determine wether I was in fact seeing him there among the waterfowl. I mean, geese do all look a lot alike, and to be fair, most of my interaction with Sunny had been facing away from him; while running.

Still, I like to think of him living out his days in a place where he could be thoroughly goos-ish in all his ways. I like to think he found his goose maiden, and that today, when I go to the park, I see his Geese children running after the little kids, pushing them into the arms of their waiting parents to scoop them up and take them safely to the nearest picnic table.




Now that I am an adult. I appreciate one of the other attractions at the park a lot more than I did as a child. In fact, it is the perfect place to sit and reflect upon the past memories of my youth, such as the fate of Sunny the goose. This place is the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden blooms the most in the Spring months of March and April, and in the Fall for September and November. However, with over one hundred varieties of roses and eight hundred individual plants, you can find a beautiful blossom all year long. The colors and scents and amazing variety in shapes and size will dazzle the senses. The center of the garden features a large covered gazebo that had power and works beautifully as a peaceful spot to read, eat a quiet lunch, or simply contemplate. The garden is maintained by community volunteers and the Rose Society Tucson Chapter. It is also a popular spot for weddings.

Unknown  images-5

Today I often visit the Rose Garden in the fall with my husband. You are not allowed to pick any of the roses, otherwise they would be gone and no one in the community could enjoy them, but it is a very romantic evening to walk hand in hand among the flowers and visit with each other without being pressed for time or having any modern distractions. It’s a great place to get to know someone and allow relationships, or friendships to blossom right along with the plants. My husband always enjoys hearing my stories.


To learn more about the Reid Park and where to stay while in Tucson Click on the Links Below:

Signature Vacation Rentals
Reid Park Zoo
Wiki Article on Reid Park

I am including a video of the Reid Park Zoo Otters, because they are adorable and because they have always been one of my favorite exhibitions at the Zoo. If you ever do want to get together for that aforementioned drink I will be sure to tell you the story of the ‘Otters and the Magic Pink-Diamond Ring’. :)

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Enjoying The Phoenix Outdoors To The Fullest

Few other areas of the country can compare when it comes to the outdoor activities available in Phoenix Arizona. The area is unique in many ways and offers vacationers a special experience that keeps people coming back year after year. From those traveling across state to those traveling across the world, Arizona in general offers a custom experience that is simply beyond compare.

Hiking Some Of The Most Picturesque Hiking Trails

For example, Arizona, while a desert region, has some of the most popular boating areas in the country. With a large number of boats per capita, Arizona is a popular boating destination that simply cannot be ignored. Those that enjoy the majestic mountains of the Desert Southwest have come to enjoy hiking some of the most picturesque hiking trails in the country. From short hiking climbs to the top of Camelback Mountain to longer and more challenging climbs such as is the case with Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff, Arizona is an outdoor lovers delight.

Tubing The Salt River

When the temperature soars in the desert more people than imaginable head to the salt River to enjoy a day of tubing that is more relaxing and more enjoyable than even the most tropical of beach paradises. One of the most unique things about tubing the Salt River is that even when the temperature is in the triple digits, the Salt River stays cool and relaxing. This inviting river slowly meanders along giving vacationers a long and enjoyable tour of the beautiful desert landscape. For those that enjoy driving mountain roads, South Mountain in the southern portion of the Valley offers an excellent perspective of the entire Valley for those that wish to drive rather than hike.

The Next Family Vacation Or Corporate Excursion

From incredible golfing experiences to riding jet skis and enjoying a number of other outdoor activities, Arizona may be one of the best destinations in the country in that regard. Best of all, it is easy to enjoy this unique part of the country by simply considering a furnished vacation rental in terms of alternative accommodations. With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not choosing Arizona and all its outdoor activities for the next family vacation or corporate excursion. Contact Arizona lodging experts today for Arizona furnished vacation rentals that are a cut above.

Reserving A Furnished Vacation Rental For Your Next Get-Away

One of the best ways to get the most out of any vacation to beautiful Arizona is to reserve a furnished vacation rental well in advance. This is easy to achieve and only requires working with the right property management expert to ensure the best in accommodations. With that said, while there are a number of property managers located throughout Arizona and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, one company stands out as a true market leader.

Working With This Industry Leader

Arizona Lodging Experts has gained a reputation over the years for providing comprehensive and complete service when it comes to helping renters find the perfect exclusive rental property in Arizona. Enjoying all that privately owned furnished vacation rentals have to offer is best achieved by working with an industry leader in property management. Most importantly, the company carefully inspects each property to ensure that they meet rigorous standards. Few other experiences compare to enjoying a luxury vacation rental while away from home.

Featuring An Impressive Reservation Center

Arizona Lodging Experts has consistently provided outstanding services to vacationers from around the world. From those traveling from as far away as Europe and Asia to those traveling from other parts of Arizona, enjoying outstanding furnished luxury vacation rentals is easy when working with the right group of property managers. Featuring an impressive reservation center, Arizona Lodging Experts has some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives found in the business. These experts in vacation rentals take the time to work with each client to ensure a perfect match between client and property.

Pictures Of A Property Can Make All The Difference

In addition, these friendly customer service specialists can help guide clients in viewing properties online while speaking on the phone. This is an important advantage that allows potential vacationers to see a wide variety of images online with regard to particular property. From interior views of each room to multiple exterior views, pictures of a property can make all the difference when making an important decision such as choosing a vacation rental. Customer service representatives also have an in-depth knowledge of each rental property insuring that all questions will be answered in a satisfactory way. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about exclusive Arizona vacation rentals that are impressive and affordable.

Why Choose Arizona For Your Next Vacation Experience?

With so many options available today with regard to vacation destinations it is more important than ever before to choose carefully. With that said, one region of the country stands out as a unique and exciting place to visit. Arizona is a special state in the desert Southwest that offers rare experiences not possible in other parts of the country. From an ideal climate that includes dry arid air to exciting nightlife and a multitude of outdoor activities, Arizona is a special vacation destination unto itself.

Wide Range Of Ailments

Especially impressive is the unique desert air that many individuals actually turn to for health benefits. From those with arthritis to those with fibromyalgia and a host of other medical conditions, the desert air has proven time and again to provide real and measurable relief to those with a wide range of ailments. In addition, those that are simply tired of shoveling snow increasingly turn to the state of Arizona as the perfect vacation destination. Few other areas compare when it comes to outdoor beauty and year-round near-perfect climate.

Simply Making A Day Drive

From professional sports teams to hiking, boating, rock climbing and golfing, the possibilities are unlimited when vacationing in beautiful Arizona. Best of all, Arizona is a destination that is uniquely situated so that travelers can easily visit other parts of the country by simply making a day drive. For example, Southern California is close and convenient as is Las Vegas and Mexico. Combine this with easy access to the Grand Canyon and beautiful areas of the state such as Sedona and Flagstaff and you have the makings for the perfect vacation.

Affordable And Exciting Vacation Option

It is no surprise that many visitors to Arizona ultimately become residents. The area is inviting and invigorating and offers more opportunities to more people than is imaginable. Best of all, Arizona is an affordable state where the cost-of-living is considered lower than many other parts of the country. And exciting vacation experience in Arizona is an affordable and smart vacation option that simply must not be missed. Enjoy all that this intriguing part of the world has to offer by planning to stay in a luxury vacation rental offered by professional property management companies. Arizona Lodging Experts is one such company that offers a wide range of options in this regard.

Enjoy A Professionally Managed Property For Your Next Vacation

As a growing number of people become increasingly disillusioned with the typical hotel stay, they are more than ever before looking to furnished vacation rentals. In fact, furnished vacation rentals offer a luxury experience far exceeds anything that a typical hotel could ever provide. It is this genuine feel of luxury that can take a vacation to an entirely new level. All across the state of Arizona there is a professional property management company that has been providing outstanding service for many years.

Exceptional Customer Service

Arizona Lodging Experts helps vacationers enjoy a superb vacation experience each and every time. Whether it is Tucson, Sedona, Phoenix or Scottsdale, one thing is certain and that is that Arizona Lodging Experts can make a stay more unique and more special. Most importantly, this trusted property management group that has been serving the entire state of Arizona for decades takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. It is this extraordinary level of customer service that has allowed this company to enjoy ongoing repeat and referral business.

Experienced Manager Of Luxury High-End Properties

This impressive word-of-mouth advertising is a telltale sign that Arizona Lodging Experts is perhaps one of the most reliable and dependable managers of furnished vacation rentals in the entire region. With so many travelers turning to Arizona for a unique vacation experience, choosing to work with an experienced manager of luxury high-end properties simply makes more sense. The convenience, affordability and satisfaction of going through a professional property management company in Arizona is worth the effort. The end result is a more enjoyable vacation and the desire to come back again.

The Entire Process Streamlined And Seamless

Arizona Lodging Experts gives vacationers greater options and greater flexibility in terms of locating the ideal property to suit their specific needs. From family travelers to corporate travelers and any other type of vacationer, Arizona Lodging Experts makes the entire process streamlined and seamless. With a professional reservation center that consistently exceeds client’s expectations, this is one Arizona property management group that simply gets it right every time. With so much to offer it’s hard to imagine not choosing furnished vacation rentals in Arizona. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about the best and furnished properties for rent in Arizona.

A Scottsdale Vacation Is An Experience To Behold

There is little doubt that vacationers have more choices today than ever before with regard to vacationing around the world. However, there is one unique desert southwest area of the United States that is simply beyond compare when it comes to vacationing. Scottsdale Arizona is a beautiful, inviting an intriguing part of the country that more and more people are learning about each and every day. As such the area is becoming a vacation hotspot.

Amazing Local And Regional Art That Must Be Experienced

Scottsdale is home to many unique and special attributes that are worth considering. For example, the area has a wide variety of eclectic and unique art shops as well as art exhibits and art related events. In short, the area is a hotbed of amazing local and regional art that must be experienced in order to be fully enjoyed by even the most discerning art lover. From Native American art to modern art and a wide variety of southwestern styled art, the possibilities are endless for those that enjoy unique and custom art pieces.

Exclusive Golfing And Spas That Are Designed To Spoil

Even more impressive is the fact that Scottsdale is conveniently located near the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. This allows visitors to enjoy a wide variety of all that the big city has to offer. This includes everything from exclusive fine dining choices to a wide variety of nightly entertainment and shopping. The list goes on with exclusive golfing and spas that are designed to spoil those that appreciate the finer things in life. Even more impressive with regard to Scottsdale Arizona is that it is home to some of the finest resorts in the country.

A Proven Reputation Throughout The Community

One of the keys to taking full advantage of all that Scottsdale has to offer, including its exclusive resorts, is to work with a property management company that handles a wide variety of luxury furnished vacation rentals. Arizona Lodging Experts is perhaps one of the most reliable and dependable managers of luxury vacation rentals in the entire Scottsdale and Phoenix metro area. The company has developed a proven reputation throughout the community for providing excellence in service along with affordable options when it comes to luxury rentals. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to schedule a unique Scottsdale vacation experience today.

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Choosing Arizona As A Unique Vacation Destination

Travelers from every corner of the world are discovering Arizona as being one of the most unique and inviting vacation destinations imaginable. The area is host to a wide variety of events, activities and natural wonders. Few other regions of the country can compare when it comes to idealistic weather, friendly locals and unlimited attractions. Most importantly, the area is typically more affordable than other parts of the country when it comes to a complete vacation experience.

The Next Family Vacation Or Corporate Gathering

Another important consideration with regard to choosing Arizona as a vacation destination is that it is centrally located. This simply means that traveling to other fun and exciting areas is less than a day’s drive away. This includes southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and even coastal Mexico. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine choosing any other vacation hotspot for the next family vacation or corporate gathering. Even weddings are becoming increasingly popular in this wonderful part of the country.

Privately Owned Residences That Are Privately Managed

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that Arizona has great potential for those traveling from abroad and from other parts of the United States. The key to getting the most out of this special part of the country is in choosing a furnished vacation rental. These privately owned residences that are privately managed by a professional property manager make the vacation experience far more special than would otherwise be possible. This is especially true with regard to the sheer amount of amenities and luxuries that can be enjoyed in a vacation rental. Many of these amenities and special features are simply not available through a hotel experience.

Expert Reservation Center

Ultimately, enjoying all that Arizona has to offer simply means selecting a property manager that handles a wide range of Arizona furnished vacation rentals. One name in particular that has stood the test of time with regard to excellence in property management in the region is Arizona Lodging Experts. This is a manager of properties throughout Arizona that prides itself on providing the very best in customer service. With an expert reservation center that features professional customer service agents, Arizona Lodging Experts is simply a cut above. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today as a way to learn more.

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Ever since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with tiny spaces. I loved doll houses, models, and Lego buildings. Today I love RV’s and all those ‘small space’ books in the home section at the bookstore . Something about taking what we normally think of as being big and making it ‘miniature’ appeals to my imagination. Maybe it’s the inventiveness of trying to figure out how to make things fit, or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t own a yacht (yet) but can build a really awesome one out of Legos. Whatever drives this appeal of teeny-tinys I found a place in Tucson that thoroughly caters to my interest.


Tucson is home to a truly awesome museum known as ‘The Mini Time Machine’. The Museum exhibits nothing but miniatures, featuring everything in the world of small, from vintage 19th century doll houses to a gigantic Christmas village under glass in the floor, that you can peer over as though you were the jolly old elf yourself hovering above in your sled.


The museum is quite large and has three main themes to its permanent exhibits. These include the ‘Enchanted Realm’, the ‘History and Antiques’ gallery, and the ‘Exploring the world’ gallery. Each gallery showcases unique aspects of the world and craft of miniatures. The History and Antiques gallery leads you through a historical journey of miniatures, with some of the oldest dated pieces in the collection going all the way back to 1742! You will also find some of the best examples of modern miniature craftsmanship and techniques on display at the other end of the timeline in this gallery.


The Exploring the world gallery features miniatures from all over the globe, including places such as Germany, Holland, Japan, Spain, Italy, and Thailand.

The Enchanted Realm gallery is truly magical! It is definitely a favorite part of the trip for kids and will get the kid inside of you equally excited! The lights are a little bit lower in the exhibit and there is a giant, magical looking tree in the center of the room. All of the miniatures are encased in glass or plexi and the selections in the enchanted realm are fanciful and imaginative. You will find the giant Christmas village here, and you will also see a spooky gathering of witches. There are fairy worlds with their tiny toadstool tables and leaf hammocks, and fantasy lands with imagination and scaled down proportions as their only limitations.

images             images

Adjacent to the Enchanted Realm you will find a small cinema space where you can watch documentaries on the history of miniatures and other educational information on the exhibits and specific items of interest in the collection.

The museum also features special exhibits that are only for a set amount of time. For example, the featured exhibit this month is called ‘Fire! A glimpse of fire history in miniature’. This exhibit is really neat for anyone interested in history. You get a chance to see how firefighting technology developed, including the evolution of the fire truck, in historically accurate re-creations of these trucks in miniature. Some of the pieces have been created by contemporary artists working with historical documents and some of the pieces are from the time period they reflect.


Next month the museum will be highlighting miniature artist who work specifically in, or are from, the Southwest.

The museum also offers the ability to host birthday parties, special events, and educational field trips.

They also hold arts and craft classes. While visiting I learned one of the classes coming up in November will be teaching you how to make your own miniature fairy world inside of a terrarium; I will be taking this one for sure! And for the upcoming Holiday Season they will be having a course on making mini gingerbread houses! Yum!


There is so much to do and see at The Mini Time Machine! It is absolutely unique and should be on anyone’s list of must-see places when visiting Tucson. The admission is incredibly reasonable at only $9.00 for adults and $6.00 for children.

This month the museum is celebrating its 5th year anniversary with FREE admission throughout all of September. This includes both the permanent and featured exhibits.

My love of miniatures is here to stay, and with thousands of items in the museum’s collection there is no way I could take everything in during just one trip, so I know I will be going back – Time and Mini-Time again!


For more information on where you can stay while in Tucson and The Mini-Time Machine Museum click on the links below:

Signature Vacation Rentals

The Mini Time Machine Museum

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Consider Arizona For A Unique And Inviting Vacation Experience

Sometimes planning for a vacation can be a confusing and trying time for those in search of a special and unique destination. With that said, a growing number of people are turning to the beautiful state of Arizona as a smart alternative to other vacation destinations. This is possibly due to the fact that Arizona offers some of the most affordable furnished vacation rentals in the entire country. The area is also host to what is arguably the most ideal weather imaginable.

Key Benefits Of Enjoying A Luxury Furnished Vacation Rental

Even more impressive is the fact that Arizona delivers a vacation experience that in many respects is beyond compare. This includes the finest dining experiences, shopping experiences and outdoor activities found anywhere in the country. From exclusive golfing resorts to a number of professional sporting events, Arizona literally has it all. One of the key benefits of enjoying a luxury furnished vacation rental that is privately owned and privately operated is that it provides for a more personalized experience than what hotel might offer.

Regarded As One Of The Most Sensible Choices In Terms Of Vacations

A furnished private home for rent in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson or Sedona as well as other areas is regarded as one of the most sensible choices in terms of vacation accommodations. Keeping this simple fact in mind, it is clear to see why working with the best property management team in the industry can make all the difference. While travelers have choices in this regard one company that has consistently outperform the competition is Arizona Lodging Experts. With a dedicated team of Arizona realtors, professional reservation agents and others, Arizona Lodging Experts simply gets it right when it comes to furnished vacation rental management.

A Seamless And Perfect Vacation Experience While In Arizona

Most importantly, each property in the Arizona Lodging Experts inventory is carefully screened, inspected and reviewed long before it ever is made available for rent. This ensures that guests traveling from across the state and across the world have a seamless and perfect vacation experience while in Arizona. No other property manager in the region can compare when it comes to a dedication to customer service and total customer satisfaction. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts to experience an Arizona vacation that is designed to impress and inspire.

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