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Exploring All That The Phoenix Art Museum Has To Offer

Phoenix Arizona has many unique and inspiring attractions, events and activities for travelers and locals alike. However, nothing is perhaps more intriguing than the Phoenix Art Museum. The museum is known as a vibrant and inviting destination for the lovers of a wide array of artwork. Having been a part of the community since 1959, the Phoenix Art Museum is indeed one of the largest museums of art in the entire southwestern United States.

Independent Art Films And Live-Performances

Most importantly, the Phoenix Art Museum displays a host of incredible art from across the globe; so that the residents of Arizona as well as visitors to Arizona can enjoy all that world art makes possible. In addition, the Phoenix Art Museum routinely makes available a wide range of festivals, independent art films and live-performances. The museum also offers educational programs that are intended to stimulate, entertain and enlighten. Truly one of the most important destinations in Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum must be experienced at least once.

Easy Access From Scottsdale

The museum also makes available to party planners and businesses the opportunity to use specific areas of the museum for celebrations, ceremonies and events. Other unique aspects of the Phoenix Art Museum include a wide range of interactive galleries, photo exhibits and a number of other art inspired displays. The museum is centrally located in Phoenix providing for easy access from Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and other areas of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Considered a top choice when it comes to attractions in the city of Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum is a popular and interesting destination.

Artists From Around The World

The museum offers a wide variety of international exhibitions and thousands of works by artists from around the world. From fashion design to contemporary art and Native American art, the possibilities are endless when choosing to visit the Phoenix Art Museum. Typical exhibits include everything from “The Sacred Stories And Images Of The Buddha” to “The Resonance Of Clay.” Other unique exhibits include the “Platinum Photography From The Center For Creative Photography” that includes a program known as “All That Glitters Is Not Gold.” With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not considering visiting this amazing art museum. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts for furnished vacation rental homes in Phoenix Arizona.

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Sky Bound Fun On Your Next Visit To Scottsdale Arizona

With what is some of the countries most perfect weather, Scottsdale Arizona is rich with outdoor activities for both locals and visitors. However, one of the most intriguing and delightful ways to experience all that Arizona has to offer is to take to the skies. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal and all our equally exhilarating, exciting and fun.

An Experience That Will Not Soon Be Forgotten

For example, hot air balloon tours are a particular favorite in Scottsdale. What is most intriguing of all is the fact that many of these hot air balloon tours begin at sunrise. This assures an incredible and spectacular view that makes a balloon ride well worth considering. Seeing the desert from aloft without the sound of an engine is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Panoramic views of the Valley of the Sun and all of its majestic mountain ranges will leave a lasting impression on young and old alike.

Enjoy The Area From The Air

Other unique ways of taking to the sky to see amazing Arizona include seaplane tours and helicopter tours. While at first glance a seaplane may not seem at home in Arizona, in truth, seaplane tours are easy to access while staying in Scottsdale or the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Check with your travel guide or the Yellow Pages to find a seaplane tour operator in Scottsdale as a way to enjoy the area from the air. Local area lakes make the perfect landing site for seaplanes. From Roosevelt Lake to a wide variety of other lakes in the area, seaplanes are a popular sightseeing option for visitors.

A Stunning And Striking View Of Arizona

Helicopters afford an opportunity to see Arizona in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Unlike a fixed wing aircraft, a helicopter can maneuver and move in unique ways providing passengers with a bird’s eye view of amazingly colorful rock formations and cliffs. Hovering over the mighty Colorado River is easier than most might imagine with the help of a helicopter. From regional tours to tours that are more local in nature, helicopters can provide a stunning and striking view of Arizona that is simply beyond compare. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about unique and innovative vacation accommodations such as Scottsdale furnished vacation homes, villas and condominiums.

Fun Things To Do On Your Next Arizona Vacation

Arizona is one of the most amazing, intriguing and beautiful parts of the world when it comes to vacationing. In fact, the area attracts millions of visitors each and every year because of its inviting weather and delightful scenery. The area also enjoys outstanding restaurants, excellent shopping and a host of other outdoor activities that many tourists find incredibly enjoyable. From visiting the Grand Canyon to exploring some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s incredible architecture, Arizona has something for everyone.

Wide Range Of Scenic Water Recreation Areas

Those that enjoy sports will find that the Arizona Diamondbacks as well as the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres all train in Arizona. Phoenix, the surrounding communities and Scottsdale have many training facilities that professional sports teams use throughout the year. Equally impressive is the fact that Scottsdale offers a wide range of scenic water recreation areas. From Lake Pleasant to Saguaro Lake in Phoenix and many other smaller lakes, Arizona is surprisingly rich in recreational water areas. Visitors can expect to enjoy a wide range of activities including everything from swimming to hiking and camping as well as boating and wildlife viewing.

Impressive Weather Year Round And A Wide Variety Of Golf Packages

In addition, Arizona, often considered an alternative to Mexico has some of the highest rate golf courses and resort destinations in the world. With impressive weather year round and a wide variety of golf packages always available, golfers will simply fall in love with many of Arizona’s beautiful golf courses. Scottsdale and the Phoenix metropolitan area is host to more than 250 golf courses. Perhaps most amazing of all is that many of these golf courses are meticulously manicured and lush beyond comparison.

Oldest Artifacts Are Other Exciting Activities

Best of all, other areas of Arizona are a short drive away. From Tucson to a host of other smaller outlying cities, Arizona has many unique destinations that are well worth visiting. There are also a number of desert casinos that make available a wide variety of gaming and fine dining. Hiking, trekking into the mountains and visiting some of Arizona’s oldest artifacts are other exciting activities that can be enjoyed by those wishing to take full advantage of this intriguing and exciting state. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for the best in Phoenix furnished vacation rental properties.

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Explore The Creativity Of The Arizona Fine Art Expo

Arizona has developed a reputation for fine art and culture in recent years. In fact, the area, and especially Scottsdale, has gained notoriety for its many art galleries, art fairs and art events. One art event in particular that has become highly regarded when it comes to unique artwork from talented artists is the Arizona Fine Art Expo located in Scottsdale. The event is diverse and impressive to say the least.

100 World-Class Artists In Their Actual Working Studios

The Arizona Fine Art Expo is produced and made possible by the Thunderbird Artists and attracts a wide variety of visitors from across the state and around the country. Most notably, this inviting art event offers the expertise and creativity of 100 world-class artists in their actual working studios. Visitors and locals alike are able to view artists as they sculpt, sketch on canvas and design jewelry. In addition, these artists also create a wide variety of unique paintings.

Bronze Fine Art Sculptures

Paintings on canvas are created in acrylics, pastels, watercolors and other types of mediums. Beautiful, thoughtful and intriguing art can be enjoyed in all of its glory when visiting Scottsdale’s own Arizona Fine Art Expo. Visitors can meander along outdoors and enjoy a full range of beautifully creative and elegant sculptures and a wide variety of water features. With literally dozens of life-sized and monument sized bronze fine art sculptures, it is easy to spend the entire day admiring beautiful art when participating in this popular and respected event. Best of all, visiting the Arizona Fine Art Expo enables all that attend to enjoy some of Scottsdale’s finest restaurants, exclusive shopping and vibrant nightlife.

Day Trips To Such Amazing Locations As Sedona Arizona

As an added note, those visiting Arizona and staying in Scottsdale have complete and unfettered access to all that the greater Phoenix metropolitan area has to offer. This includes everything from museums to sporting events and a host of outdoor activities such as rock climbing. Even tubing down the Salt River can be enjoyed when staying in beautiful and world-renowned Scottsdale Arizona. Staying in Scottsdale also offers the opportunity to make day trips to such amazing locations as Sedona Arizona and even Tucson. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about Scottsdale furnished vacation villas, condos and private residential homes.

Jump Aboard With The McDowell Mountain Music Festival

When it comes to musical and cultural events few can compare to the wonderfully enchanted McDowell Mountain Music Festival. Having become a local mainstay for more than a decade, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival delivers outstanding musical artists and headline performers in a unique and clever venue. The event is unique because it is a 100% nonprofit Arizona music festival and is the only one of its kind.

Near-Perfect Arizona Weather

With a large amount of corporate participation and generous community involvement, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival is known for its ability to entertain, support and educate the community with regard to a wide variety of music, arts and food. This annual festival has become so popular that it attracts visitors from across the state, around the country and in some cases even around the world. Those that enjoy outstanding music appreciate the effort that goes into creating the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. The near-perfect Arizona weather only further adds to the wonderment of this popular festival.

A Wide Array Of Unique Shopping

Best of all, virtually all of the proceeds from the McDowell Mountain Music Festival go directly to benefit nonprofit organizations. Experiencing culture in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona is sometimes as simple as making a commitment to enjoy the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. Other key features of this incredible festival include a kid’s zone, a wide array of unique shopping, raffles and even a silent auction. Those that wish to support the community and enjoy wonderful music will appreciate all that this festival makes possible. Connecting the community, entertaining the community and helping charities are all impressive core values associated with the McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

Outstanding Healthcare When It Comes To Children’s Medicine

One notable charity that benefits from the festival is the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Known for outstanding healthcare when it comes to children’s medicine, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital has its beginnings in the 1980s and has grown over the years to become one of the region’s biggest children’s hospitals in the entire country. Equally important is the support that is provided for UMOM, a non-profit that provides support for homeless families and individuals. This nonprofit provides safe shelter, housing and a wide variety of support services for those with a range of needs. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for furnished vacation homes in Scottsdale Arizona.

The Amazing Creativity Of The Scottsdale Artwalk

For those who appreciate beautiful art and unique creativity, the Scottsdale ArtWalk is the perfect opportunity to view local art from hundreds of artists throughout the Scottsdale area. This unique and enjoyable event occurs every Thursday night from 7 PM to 9 PM. It is located in the Scottsdale arts district and features many artist’s demos as well as live music. Gallery receptions that showcase amazing local art are what visitors and local residents can expect when visiting Scottsdale’s very own ArtWalk.

Creative Art Galleries

This year-round event offers a rare opportunity to stroll along Main Street west of Scottsdale Road exploring many of the amazingly creative art galleries that the area is so proudly known for both locally and on a national scale. During December there is even an annual holiday version of the ArtWalk that should not be missed. The area also features a wide variety of outstanding restaurants, museums and even a free trolley. Those looking for an even more unique mode of transportation can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Shaded Courtyards

Considered by many to be a large-scale and easy-going open house experience, the Scottsdale ArtWalk offers galleries the opportunity to showcase a wide variety of art from many of the Southwest’s most notable artists. For more than three decades this inviting and pleasant event has allowed visitors and residents alike to stroll along at their own pace while soaking in highly creative and unique art pieces. The experience is well grounded with beautiful water fountains, dramatic statutes and a number of shaded courtyards. Scottsdale with its world-class weather and its delightful downtown ambience makes for the perfect outdoor/indoor exhibition venue.

Amazing Creativity

With a wide variety of Native American art, Southwest landscape art and contemporary art, the possibilities are endless for those that truly enjoy the finer details when it comes to eclectic art. Few other experiences compare to the amazing creativity that is opened up to the public each and every Thursday in Scottsdale Arizona. Having celebrated its 40th anniversary, the Scottsdale ArtWalk is an event that has endured the test of time. Whether it is the live music or the art or the fantastic restaurants, something is sure to delight almost anyone when visiting the Scottsdale ArtWalk. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for a wide range of Scottsdale furnished vacation rental properties.

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Reasons To Visit The Amazing Desert Southwest On Your Next Vacation

Few other areas of the world can compare to the beautiful desert southwest. Those planning a unique and special vacation should consider Arizona and all that it has to offer. For example, the desert is home to the Saguaro cactus as well as beautiful clear skies almost year-round. Few other areas can compare when it comes to cool crisp winters and warm balmy summers. While the temperatures do soar into the triple digits at times, the area is still inviting year-round.

Unique Pieces Not Found Any Place Else In The World

Another great reason to visit the desert southwest on vacation is that it offers unprecedented art that is beautiful and unique in many ways. From Native American Indian art to a wide range of history and culture, Arizona has it all when it comes to art. Those looking for more eclectic art may find that Scottsdale Art Galleries offer unique pieces not found any place else in the world. In addition, golfers will be simply amazed by the many golf courses found throughout the region.

Unique And Rewarding Experiences For Young And Old Alike

In fact, Phoenix and the Scottsdale area is host to more than 250 golf courses. Nestled in the rugged desert, these beautiful courses provide some of the best golfing found anywhere in the country. Those that enjoy resort spas and the pampering that comes with them will be pleased to know that there are dozens of spas throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix that offer unique and rewarding experiences for young and old alike. Other fun activities including hot air balloon rides and some of the best shopping found anywhere in the country.

Strip Malls To Large Exclusive Shopping Malls

Those that enjoy quality cuisine will be pleased to know that Scottsdale and Phoenix have some of the best restaurants when it comes to a diverse menu. From genuine Mexican food to Italian food and Chinese food as well as Thai food, the possibilities are endless for those that enjoy dining out on a regular basis. Shoppers will be delighted as well by all that the area has to offer. From strip malls to large exclusive shopping malls and a host of other shopping venues, Arizona has something for every shopper. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for the best in Phoenix furnished vacation rental properties.

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Get Ready For Scottsdale’s Very Own Mighty Mud Mania

Scottsdale Arizona is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and eclectic cities in the entire nation. One unique and out of the ordinary event that occurs each year in Scottsdale is something known as the Mighty Mud Mania. This fun and engaging activity offers a wide variety of mud obstacles for those of all ages and those with varying degrees of ability. Obstacle courses are even provided for toddlers and young children so they too can have fun and get a little muddy.

Challenge Even The Most Dedicated Mud Course Experts

In addition, there is an extreme mud course for adults and children over 13. This is an event that takes Mighty Mud Mania to an entirely new level. The extreme mud course is more challenging and more difficult for those that wish to test their abilities to the highest degree. The extreme course is situated behind the Chaparral Aquatic Center’s pool and is custom-designed to challenge even the most dedicated mud course experts.

Arizona’s Ideal Weather And Climate

Mighty Mud Mania is a delightfully fun experience for visitors and locals alike. Getting out and exploring all that Scottsdale has to offer sometimes means taking advantage of all the areas most unique events. The Mighty Mud Mania is a perfect example of a unique event that would typically not be found in other cities throughout the United States. With Arizona’s ideal weather and perfect climate year-round, the area is custom-tailored for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as challenging mud courses. The event first started in the mid-1970s and has endured for decades.

Well Worth Considering By Even Those That Have An Aversion To Mud

The Mighty Mud Mania is typically intended to welcome the wonderful Scottsdale summers each and every year. The event is usually scheduled for the first week in June in Chaparral Park and is just one more way to enjoy Scottsdale to the fullest. While the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and Scottsdale have much to offer in terms of outdoor activities, the Mighty Mud Mania is a unique event that is well worth considering by even those that have an aversion to mud. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today to learn more about beautiful and exclusive furnished vacation rental properties in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix Metro area.

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Javalina are not pigs as most people think of them in the traditional sense. According to Wikipedia they are a peccary.

“A peccary is a medium-sized animal, with a strong resemblance to pigs. Like pigs, it has a snout ending in a cartilagenous disc, and eyes that are small relative to its head. Also like pigs, it uses only the middle two digits for walking, although, unlike pigs, the other toes may be altogether absent. Its stomach is non-ruminating, although it has three chambers, and is more complex than those of pigs.[5]

I wasn’t sure what the ruminating meant, so I followed the link to find out. It’s not especially attractive, as it involves chewing their food more than once, AFTER it has already been swallowed! EWWW! But, it also means the food goes to a special stomach designed for digesting nutrients by way of fermentation – sort of like a personal brewery, which is kind of cool.


Growing up in Tucson you become familiar with Javalinas pretty quickly. Usually by smelling them, because another thing they have that pigs do not, is a scent gland at the top of their rump that emits a strong musky odor. They use this to mark their territory, ward off predators, and mark members of their herd; because they are social animals and travel in groups anywhere from three to 12 on average.

Throughout my life I have had many different experiences with these spunky animals. My dad hunts Javalina, which is something you can do in Arizona, when they are in season and if you are drawn from a lottery for a license to do so. Thus, my earliest memory of Javalina is of how tasty it is. Some folks may balk at the idea, but when it comes to dining it is pretty much the same as ham or sausage. Javalina sausage is really, really, good. It’s spicy and a little bit more gamey than pig and makes a great addition to a Sonoran style breakfast with salsa and eggs. Since Javalina are native to South America, Mexico, and the Sonoran Desert it is truly a unique culinary experience to Southern Arizona. When visiting you should definitely try some!

One of my other memories of this animal is of finding a perfectly in-tact jawbone of one while hiking. It was very fascinating to see the skeletal structure of an animal out in the wild where it had ostensibly perished. If you are interested by ecology and biology than you will likely find a wealth of opportunity to encounter all kinds of ‘naturalist’ discoveries, including Javalina tracks, evidence of dens and foraging, and sometimes a small herd itself; while trekking through our state parks and mountains.

If you do happen upon an actual herd you should use caution. Although Javalinas can look very cute and non-threatening, they are like any other wild animal and have the potential to be dangerous. Their front tusks are used for digging and rooting out food and are a very powerful weapon against predators.

Javelina_big_pic                     Angry Javelina with Tusks

(Javalina, Looking Cute)                   (Don’t try to confront a Javalina)


My most recent  experience with these creatures was a pretty awesome one at the Sonoran Desert Museum. I went to the museum with family over the Thanksgiving weekend and there we were able to get a close up look at the museum’s resident herd.

The museum features a 1.5 mile trail that leads you out into the open desert as one of their exhibits. This trail routes over and through a Javalina ‘run’, which is basically a natural wash that provides shelter, food, and moisture for the Javalina. The run is not man made and is the natural environment of the Javalina. The only signs of intervention are some chicken wire fencing here and there that are placed to help ‘guide’ the animals into a particular path that allows visitors the best chance of seeing them, but the path is pretty much what the Javalina would instinctively choose anyway. It is really an excellent exhibit that allows visitors to observe these animals in a way that is safe, but also very natural.

I was there with my Dad, Step mom, and Step sister and we were taking our time to meander through the trail and just take in the beauty of the desert (the trail also sits on a mountain foothill that offers breathtaking views, by the way) when my Step mom noticed a moving shadow.

She pointed it out to my dad, who with his hunting and hiking experience, was able to confirm right away that it was indeed a Javalina. We then watched it as it moved down the wash and came closer to us. It moved right underneath the bridge we were standing on and we were able to see it for several minutes up close as it foraged a bit in the wash and investigated some rock piles and vegetation right below our feet!

Having the opportunity to see an animal that you will never see in any other part of the country reminded me of how fortunate we are in Tucson to have such a unique ecosystem. The Sonoran desert is home to thousands of unique species, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects.

The Sonoran Desert Museum is an excellent place to learn and interact with these animals and we will be discussing the museum’s offerings in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.


In the mean time, remember, when you get back home don’t tell people you had a chance to see ‘a funny looking pig’, it hurts the Javalina’s feelings!



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Enjoying Fresh Organic Produce In Scottsdale Arizona

Taking a vacation in delightful and friendly Scottsdale Arizona has many advantages. One of which is the opportunity to visit something known as the Old Town Farmer’s Market. This is a unique and special event that has been made available for the last several years. The intriguing farmer’s market offers a wide range of organic and pesticide free produce that tastes as good as it looks.

A Wide Range Of Locally Grown Produce

The Old Town Farmer’s Market takes place every Saturday from 8 o’clock in the morning to 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Conveniently located in downtown Scottsdale, the Old Town Farmer’s Market affords visitors and locals alike the opportunity to sample a wide range of locally grown produce and other locally made food products. This includes everything from seasonal specialties like cider and apples to organic meat products and beautiful locally grown flowers. Even free-range eggs and a wide variety of local cheeses are routinely made available to those that appreciate locally grown and locally made produce and food.

Talk With Farmers

Other items commonly found in the Old Town Farmer’s Market include everything from breads to jams and jellies as well as tamales and many other local favorites, (some of which cannot be found anyplace else in the country.) Best of all, the event is family-friendly and affords buyers the opportunity to talk with farmers, dairy producers and a wide range of other hard-working individuals that make a farmer’s market possible. The Old Town Farmer’s Market is highly recommended and well worth visiting while staying in Scottsdale or the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Attracts People From Across The Country

Visitors to the Old Town Farmer’s Market can also enjoy a wide variety of unique dining, shopping and nightlife in old town Scottsdale after the farmer’s market closes for the day. Scottsdale is a unique, inviting and special place that attracts people from across the country and around the world. Few other areas of the country can compare when it comes to friendly locals, outstanding weather and unique culture. The area is also highly regarded for its abundance of art galleries and its collection of respected artists. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine choosing any other destination for a short or long vacation. Contact Arizona Lodging Experts today for the best in Scottsdale and Phoenix furnished vacation rental properties.

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